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The Year 1127

January 9 – Jurchen forces sack the Song Chinese capital of Kaifeng during the Jingkang Incident of the Jin–Song wars, and begin more than a century of political division between northern and southern China.

Conrad III establishes the Hohenstaufen dynasty when he is crowned anti-king to the Holy Roman Emperor, Lothair III.

The first coalition of the Norman princes against Roger II of Sicily is formed. The same year, Roger regains control over Malta after a rebellion.[1] To guaranty the security of the seas, the king also establishes a pact with the maritime republic of Savona,[2] probably following an Almoravid raid against his realm.[3]

Count Charles the Good of Flanders is assassinated.

First mention of the consuls in Brescia, indicating that the city has become an independent commune.

The commune of Milan conquers the neighboring city of Como.

The minaret of Kalyan is completed in Bukhara (present day Uzbekistan).

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