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The year 1337 – a leet year.!


March 16 – Edward, the Black Prince is created Duke of Cornwall, becoming the first English Duke.

May 24 – Philip VI of France confiscates Gascony from English control.

August – English forces relieve Stirling Castle, ending Edward III of England’s last campaign in Scotland.

October – Edward III of England formally rejects Philip VI’s claim to the French throne, initiating the first hostilities of what would become the Hundred Years’ War between France and England.

November – Battle of Cadsand: English troops raid the Flemish island of Cadzand.

Date unknown

Bisham Priory is founded in England.

The Scaligeri family loses control of Padua; Alberto della Scala, patron of the music of the Trecento, moves to Verona.

Petrarch, “father” of Renaissance humanism, first visits Rome to wander its mysterious ruins with an eye for aesthetic as well as for history, exciting a renewed interest in Classical civilisation.

The Sofia Psalter is produced in Bulgaria.

The famine in China, which has lasted since 1333 and killed six million, comes to an end.

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