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£9.08 – 908

The Year 908

Byzantine Empire

May 15 – Patriarch Euthymius I of Constantinople crowns the infant Constantine VII as co-emperor.


The Battle of Belach Mugna is fought in Ireland.

August 2 – An invading Hungarian army defeats the Thuringian army of margrave Burchard, in the Battle of Eisenach, killing him, together with count Egino and Rudolf the bishop of Würzburg.


March 26 – Zhu Wen has Li Zhu, the last Tang dynasty emperor, poisoned.

December 17 – Husayn ibn Hamdan leads an attempt to depose the newly-appointed Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad, al-Muqtadir, and install his uncle Ibn al-Mu’tazz. The plotters kill vizier al-Abbas ibn al-Hasan al-Jarjara’i but fail to capture al-Muqtadir, leading to the coup’s collapse.

Middle East

Snow falls in the city of Baghdad.

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