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The Year 1257

Robert de Sorbon founds the Collège de Sorbonne at Paris, giving a formal college (and still-common name) to the already existing University of Paris in France.

Matthew Paris, English historian, personally interviews King Henry III of England for an entire week while compiling his major work of English history, Chronica Majora.

King Henry III of England orders the production of a twenty pence English coin of pure gold, the first high-denomination coin minted in England and the first to use gold. Unfortunately for King Henry, the bullion value of the coins is about 20% higher than the nominal face value, leading to poor circulation as coins are melted down by individuals for their gold content.

The second Genoese War breaks out between Genoa and Venice in Outremer, known as the War of Saint Sabas.

The city of Kraków is rebuilt by Boleslaus V of Poland after being nearly destroyed in the Tatar invasions in 1241 and is granted Magdeburg rights on June 5.

Władysław Opolski founded the Franciscan monastery in city Wodzisław Śląski. Before this date Wodzisław was granted Magdeburg rights (1246-1257).

The Japanese Kōgen era ends, and the Shōka era begins.

The Mongols take Dai Viet (northern Vietnam).

Lambsar Castle in Persia is destroyed by the Mongols.

Founding of Aberdeen Grammar School in Scotland.

Eruption of the Samalas Volcano on Lombok Island, Indonesia.[1]

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