Today I looked after ‘er. We played a bit, watched some quality CBeebies and had a nap, during which I watched “Martian”.

When Lolly came home, I nipped onto Ark: Survival Evolved, to play a bit of the new map DLC “Aberration”.

Really weird so far. Hate the psychedelic mushrooms.! We had a quick scout around and we think we found a good place to set up first base camp. We also found the end of the bridge is broken so we’re going to need to create the gliders.

We also came to the conclusion that we got to collect a lot of gems, for a lot of the items that we can build.

It looks like you can passive tame a lot of the animals now. That should make things a little interesting.

So far, first impressions is we really like Aberration. We’ve got a lot more exploring to do we only explored a small section of the left hand side of the map.

We are back on it tomorrow, I may even do some live streaming and hopefully Elidda Burrows can join us.

The live stream will be over at Lord Lethris’s Mixer Channel.

Here is an image of our resident tamed Bulbdog licking a wall. They are so happy.!

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