Today I went to my old mate Mark’s Wedding/Re-Wedding/Blessing. He’s been with his partner for years, and has been married for 10 of them years. Today was their 10th anniversary, so they decided to get Married again and have a blessing by their local Church. We was honoured to be guests, and wish them well for their many years to come.

When I got home, we had a parcel waiting for us at #22 (who seemed to be the local post office today – the postman left everyones parcels with them!). It was my new Jumper, which turned out to be a cardigan. It looks like something that belongs in the Star Wars wardrobe department. I quite like it, and here I am donning it.

#Vermintide is the #XBox games on Gold game of the month. I have it on PC but why would I waste the opportunity to get it free on console.! So me and the Codmyster battled thought waves of skaven scum tonight.! – such a fun game.

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