Today has mostly been waiting and making calls to agencies. Same as before, just waiting about for answers.

Also tested out a new app I found for the iPhone – Microsoft Pix. If you remember back in the old days there was an awesome program by the name of Photosynth. This was so good that in Microsoft infinite wisdom, they discontinued it.! There has been nothing like it since…

…until now 👍🏻. MIcrosoft Pix has Photosynth built in, and its rather good at stitching photos in realtime.!

Which is great.! I love taking 360 photos wherever I can. I usually use my DSLR and snap 80-100 photos if an area and then use Hugin or ICE to stitch it. But thats usually on days I lug my camera about. But now I can use my iPhone.! So Happy days.! Maybe later this week I’ll snap some 360 photos.

The great thing about 360 Photos is I can then showcase them on my Oculus.! Wish you was here.? We’ll now you can be here… Virtually of course.!

Its a bit windy outside at the moment. I hope our fence holds up.!

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