Been to Dover to install a few PC’s today.

The sat-nav took me all over the place – presumably to miss all the traffic. My colleagues still beat me back to base.

Takeaway Tuesday today, but Lolly wants Toad-In-The-Hole, and presumably gravy 🤔. I thought this was a euphemism, but no, she wants food. I might nip to the butcher on the way home then and get some sausages, and some Batter mix (I can make batter, but It always rises wrong… and I can’t be bothered to make it.

I still need a new GPU. Cheapest is last Gen at £250 (Jes’). The Vegas 56’s are looking promising, however they come in at £450 and the stats “on paper” don’t look as impressive as the 580’s (last gen).

I can wait, even though my GPU is on its last legs, I’ll get a new job first and pay off some moneys.

Roll on home-time.!