Was In Margate again this morning. Then Folkestone. It’s a bit nippy, and I forgot my coat.

Bit of a pain this week. We need to deliver on the day as there is no room at the inn’s (as it were). We usually deliver the day before.

Finally got my new GPU. Its awesome. My PC score has leaped back to 75% better than the average gaming rig – I can live with that. Daz Studio renders iRay previews in next to real time, and I’m not even running a nVidia rig šŸ˜‰

Traffic has been awful this week. Kids school runs, first week back and for some kids its there first day, so naturally parents want to drop them off. Hopefully it’ll get better over the next week.

Oh, the sun’s appeared… nope, its gone again. Dirty clouds.

Stinks about round here. Bit “Eggy”. Phooey.!