Not posted for a while, Mainly because Facebook is still blocking my domain for absolutely no reason, and mainly because I have been concentrating on a new job.

Today, I and a colleague decided to carpool. It was going so well until a rock jumped out at the car and bit a chunk out of the tyre. Stupid rock.

The new job is going well. Learning some new stuff within the industry.

On a lighter note, picking up my pool trophy tomorrow. About time.! We won the division in our league. I can add that to the rest of the trophies.

Might do a bit of fishing tonight (Fishing sim world) – did a live league competition yesterday and landed 59th place. Sounds crap, but considering the amount of people compeating and the vast element of luck involved, its a pretty good ranking.

Anyway, better get back to some work.!

(There is no mention of Jam Tarts in this post…)