Started worketh early the present day. Got into the office and by Christ its cold.! I has’t whopped up the heating, but its still cold in hither. How the hell these guys worketh in the mornings is beyond me. I censure the massive windows. Not very thermal friendly.

No tickets have come in yet. I’m listening to radio 2. Just had to empty the dish washer, because, you know, “that’s my job” #CrankyAtTheIdea

has’t to sort out the fell Wasp’s SORN and TAX the present day, as its the last day of it’s MOT: ( I wilt has’t to doth that at which hour I receiveth home.

mine Deity, its just getting colder.! mine legs art starting to freeze. This is a bloody health hazard. I got the door shut, coat is on, and the heating up and its actually getting colder.!

The Chris Evans Breakfast showeth just started. Guess I better crack on with this Development ticket I needeth to draft.

tata fnar