By christ its sunny today.!

Had no sleep last night. Tooth ache. Dunno what caused it, it was so painful. Seems to have gone now… well, just a dull pain, but bearable. I must have had something bad stuck in my teeth.

Did some database work today. Got the opportunity to show the business that if they can trust us with read only rights, we can trouble shoot issues without relying on waiting for the already busy dev’s to do the work we are capable of doing (and should be doing, really – albeit a Lvl 2 task at least)

At home now, watching Wallace & Gromit: A matter of loaf and death. Scarface watched it for a bit, but now she is playing with some xmas hair bands.

My tooth is starting to ache again. And I need to cook dinner in a bit. Bacon, eggs, chips and beans at this rate.